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Who We Are

We’re a nonprofit and nonpartisan grassroots communications and messaging hub working to build civic awareness and community power in Alabama and across the South.
Leveraging the power of culture and visual storytelling to raise awareness.

We help create narratives that resonate with people on a deep, emotional level and shed light on the issues that matter most.


Centering the voices of marginalized and disenfranchised communities.

We work closely with communities to ensure that their stories are heard, their struggles are acknowledged, and their demands are addressed.


Launching narrative campaigns that educate, engage, and inspire communities.

Launching narrative campaigns that educate, engage, and inspire communities. We create narrative campaigns that are designed to not only inform but to engage and inspire communities to take an active role in shaping their future.


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Learn more about Alabama Values. Check out our 2023 Impact Report.

As we reflect on the journey of 2023, I am filled with gratitude and pride for the strides we, at Alabama Values, have made in our commitment to championing the rights and voices of Alabamians. This year was a testament to the power of unity, collaboration, and the pursuit of justice and equity, particularly in our ongoing fight for voting rights and fair representation.

-Anneshia Hardy, Executive Director

What We Do

We leverage narrative and messaging to build ideological power. We collaborate with state partners and regional allies to increase civic participation, raise awareness, and educate communities. 

We help partners maximize their impact across all digital platforms. From social media to email marketing, we develop and execute comprehensive digital campaigns to engage communities, drive traffic, and inspire action.

We collaborate with partners to captivate audiences and bring messages to life. We create content that resonates with diverse audience and drive engagement. Whether it is for social media, web, or print materials, our content research-driven and tailored to make an impact.

We coordinate with local and regional media to amplify pro-democracy voice, values, and policies. We also work with partners to craft compelling press releases, and prep for media related activities. 

We conduct messaging research and testing to provide partners with a deep understanding of their target audiences and the messages that will motivate them to take action. Our approach includes, surveys, focus groups, rapid message testing and interviews, to gather insights around values, beliefs, and challenges.

Through our collective learning lab, we offer training designed to empower you and your team with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. We offer a range of workshops on topics such as media engagement, digital marketing, and strategic communications.

Learn more about our latest trainings on our Events page.

Latest Causes & Projects

Our projects leverage the power of messaging, culture, and creative content to confront community issues, shift narratives, drive change, and close knowledge gaps.


Raised: 25,000

Goal: 50,000


Raised: $35,000

Goal: $100,000


Raised: $60,000

Goal: $100,000


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