SPLC Calls for Immediate Audit of Alabama’s Voter Registration Lists Following Discovery of Erroneous Voter Information

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On the eve of a nationally-watched primary election, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has raised concerns about the accuracy of voter information provided by the Alabama Secretary of State’s office. Thousands of voters in Alabama’s newly-drawn 2nd Congressional District were reportedly mailed voter cards incorrectly stating they were in the 7th district.

Despite claims from Secretary of State Wes Allen that his office did not mail the cards and that the voter list maintained by his office was accurate, the SPLC insists that an immediate audit and public accounting are necessary to ascertain the scope of the problem.

Bradley Heard, deputy legal director for democracy and voting rights at the SPLC, stated, “This is more than a misstep. Providing erroneous information to thousands of voters on the eve of a hotly contested primary election could very well impact the turnout and the results of the election, for both Republicans and Democrats.”

The SPLC has provided evidence of a voter card sent to the home of the center’s co-founder, Joe Levin, which incorrectly lists him as registered to vote in the 7th congressional district. Montgomery Probate Judge J.C. Love confirmed that the card was sent by the county registrar’s office, which operates independently of the probate office.

The SPLC’s investigation revealed that approximately 5,604 voters were mislabeled in the voter file as being in the 7th Congressional District, instead of the newly formed 2nd District. Of those voters, 4,513 are Black.

The SPLC is calling for transparency and accountability from Secretary Wes Allen’s office to ensure the integrity of the voter list and the fairness of the upcoming election. The organization remains committed to protecting the rights of voters and upholding the principles of democracy in Alabama.


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