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Birmingham, Alabama is known for a lot of things. Its Civil Rights history is often at the forefront. The Magic City is also known as a foodie’s paradise, with multiple James Beard award-winning chefs calling Bham home. Something the city’s not quite yet known for on a national level is its amazing music scene, but a group of creatives is working to change that. 

Vibe Tribe is a free monthly community event that centers around highlighting the many rising music producers that call Birmingham home. The event is co-hosted by Luke Crowder, bhamstands, and The Flourish. Crowder and bhamstands first started these events at the now-gone Little London restaurant in Homewood before moving to The Upstairs at Avondale and eventually finding their current home at The Flourish’s Greenhouse space in Ensley. The events have always had a buzz about them, but have gained even more momentum since Crowder’s Grammy win in February 2024 as a producer on Killer Mike’s track – SOMETHING FOR JUNKIES.

Alabama Values went to take part in the May edition of Vibe Tribe, and what a time was had. The featured musicians included Rhemedy, Zay Gee (with DJ Rick Nasty), and Lush Vibez (who brought out Ashlee Blhue). That was far from the only creatives featured. Pole dance instructors Sakka and Sunnie performed impressive displays as DJ Qousto kept the vibe going between producer sets. SheepBlack Designs was also on hand with colorful shirts that featured Vibe Tribe designs, fun takes on Bham (a bee next to a canned ham), and motivational phrases. KB, a Birmingham artist and yoga instructor, spent the event helping attendees paint their own picture frame or birdhouse. CJ’s Jewelry offered beautiful bracelets and waistbands. 

The night was made even more special as Luke Crowder was surprised with a proclamation from the city of Birmingham honoring him for his Grammy and the work that he pours back into the community. The proclamation gave a formal stamp of approval on something that everyone in the room has been experiencing for months now – something special is happening in Birmingham and it’s not by accident. It’s because people who are skilled at their craft are taking time to uplift those around them instead of only seeking out personal fulfillment. 

It was a night full of joy, art, networking, and celebrating the wins of Birmingham’s musicians. Not too shabby for a Wednesday night in the Magic City. 


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